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Making oilfield sales efficient

Wellsite Direct is the industry's first on-demand sales platform specially designed for matching oilfield product and service providers needing representation with independent, commission-only sales professionals who know their customers and local markets the best. Now, companies of any size can put experienced salespeople in front of potential customers who aren’t otherwise economical to reach.

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Connect with commission-only sales professionals who can bring you customers.

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How Wellsite Direct Works

  • Suppliers create their product profiles

    Suppliers can easily upload full details of their products and services to Wellsite Direct for sales agents to review. Key product details, like product features, sales commission, brochures, and distribution information, make it easy for sales agents to market and sell supplier's products.

  • Sales Agents explore opportunities

    Automatic alerts are sent to sales agents when new products and services match their experience and location. Our proprietary matching technology means the right product quickly finds the right sales agents, saving everyone time and money.

  • Sales Agents close deals

    Sales agents will begin promoting and selling supplier's products to their professional network of oil and gas decision makers. Suppliers receive automatic alerts when potential customers request a price quote. Suppliers review potential opportunities and upload bids for sales agents to present to customers. Meanwhile, suppliers can instantly contact sales agents or track the bid status using the activity feed.

  • Commission Paid

    Suppliers only pay sales commissions to Wellsite Direct for each successful sale. Wellsite Direct then pays sales commissions to sales agents.

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